Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Light is a powerbeam that stabs a million times fast into the miles away and shows the bad man you are home.

The witnesses are children and you must kill them.  We both thought about it.  I felt the pause on the phone.  I hoped there was a dark parking garage.  I hoped any knives were quick and sharp.  No I didn’t.  I just said, you need to lie.

How many attempts do they make?  Do they ever give up?  I’ve never been afraid of paper before.  Yes I have. No I haven’t.  Yes I have.

My favorite popcorn, I’ve decided, is “Homestyle”.  I forget what brand.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I lied about wanting to be alone.  Or, I didn’t know.  Sometimes you get something you thought you wanted and then you are like, ‘Hmm…maybe not’ or, ‘maybe, but not like this’ or, ‘maybe, but just a little at a time.”  Then it becomes scary because what if everything you want, you get and then it’s not what you wanted after all.  That would mean everything you are living for, striving towards, is a false front. An empty treasure chest you paid people to help you retrieve. etc. yeah. 

Here is a story I wrote published in a nice issue of TheFiddleback. 

That is all I’m giving you. That is more than you want. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Before I step up to the mic, I want Pearl Jam to open for me.  They will play tremble chords wrapped in thunder and Eddie’s voice will take everyone down at the ankles.  I will brush the hair back from his face, wet and sticking with sweat.  I will kiss the exposed parts of his face and he will let me, smiling, grateful.  When I step up to the mic, everyone will be ready to receive me and I will be nervous as fuck.

I wrote a thing and the thing is now live at Birkensnake.  It's called, "Let the Mother Worry." You can get a free print copy, a free PDF, a free Epub or a free read it on your computer screen.  I think you should do all three.