Saturday, June 16, 2012

Three Parties Just Today

The girl is four, so 86 people.  86 people seems right.  Sarcasm.  I expect the street will be sardine-packed like Superbowl Sunday party time.  A gigantic bouncy castle.  I am a good neighbor so I will park my cars in my driveway, give them some street room.  I am a good neighbor so I am re-gifting her two new stuffed animals.  I do not need stuffed animals anymore.  I am an adult.

I have a human stapler remover in my purse.  It removes human staples.   Staples go into scalps much like you expect staples would.  If you are strong you don’t scream.  Even if the numbing gel doesn’t exactly take like they promised it would.  Plugging your ears is the wrong choice.  I will know better for next time.

The month is full of parties.  You will know how much I love you by the number of balloons I blow up and tether to objects at your party.  I will eat every bit of your cake except the part with your face on it.  That, I will give to you.  I will ask, “How do you taste?”  You are so old now.  I remember when that seemed so glamorous.  Now it just seems like this is forever.  Like a promise you’ve managed to keep longer than you thought you could.  

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