Thursday, June 28, 2012

I have a story up at Metazen.  It is a husband/wife type of story.

 "caper salad"

Janey Smith asked me to send him a story and that is what happened. Thank you, Janey Smith for the opportunity.

My boss's birthday was today so I emailed her a picture of a black pug puppy lying down in front of some balloons.  The picture said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and that was a sufficient birthday greeting for my boss, IMHO.

One of the guys that works at my work baked her a carrot cake with homemade frosting.  It was pretty damn good for a big guy that works with his hands a lot.  Then I made an accidentally racist remark about an Asian lady in our office and felt bad about it for appx. one hour.  It was completely unintentional but reflecting upon it, I was like, 'that sounded REALLY bad."

I guess maybe I still feel bad about it.

I am not racist.

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