Friday, March 30, 2012

My new Zumba teacher is a brown ball of a woman and I think I am growing a girl crush on her. I don’t know.  Her big belly, her big butt.  How she wears black tights and pink tank tops.  How her hair is both red and brown at the same time.  How she yells at us.  How she makes certain faces during certain moves.  How she pumps her fists.  How she shakes her shoulders, sways her hips.  How she gets low.  How she likes the music so loud I can’t almost stand it.  It’s all very admirable.  It’s all very “I want to be like her.”  She brought my skepticism at her larger frame to shame.  This girl kicks my ass every week and she looks good doing it.  I want to opposite of stab her.

I do my best to mirror her movements.  I’m sure I look the fool, but I try.  

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