Sunday, January 15, 2012

They caught the guy who was stabbing homeless men.  He killed three of them or four of them because he was stabbing them with knives.  When the news was reporting about the stabbings of homeless men I kept thinking about that Stephen King story, “Apt Pupil” where the kid makes friends with a Nazi neighbor and blackmails him into telling him all about the atrocities he committed.  The kid devolves into something that enjoys killing homeless people in cold blood more than he enjoys having sex…among other things.  It’s really one of King’s more evil stories and I’ve read it only a few times but it’s one of those stories that always stay with you.  I wonder why more people don’t talk about it.  It’s so effed up.    

The homeless shelters passed out ‘kits’ to the homeless people to help them in case of attack.  The ‘kit’ had a whistle in it and tips on what to do or what to look out for.   A whistle.

Anyway, they caught the guy and he’s 23.  Twenty three and stabbing homeless guys to death.  I wonder if he read this story, if he has a Nazi neighbor.  You never know. 

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