Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So, some people do not think you should pretend to give gifts of squids.  Mumbles the Squid from the San Pedro Squid Rescue Foundation to be exact.  Mumbles the Squid, highly trained and extremely intelligent and a perfect imaginary gift for someone who has everything.  You should know he cannot be given as a pretend birthday present.  Feelings might get hurt, you know.  You can’t just give someone an imaginary trained squid and have them believing the squid is theirs for a few hours because that is cruel and unusual punishment.  That would be like telling a five year old you killed Santa Claus and then go, “Just kidding!”  Hahaha and laugh in that kid’s face.   People love getting smart squids for their birthdays.  You can’t just fakegift a squid to someone and expect them to come back from that unscathed.  You are dumb if you thought pretend gifting a squid for someone’s birthday was a funny thing to do.  What were you thinking?

All fake birthday squids have been returned to the fake squid rescue center.  None of them were named Mumbles and they were all imbeciles anyway.  I hope you are happy now. 

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