Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hi.  I think I’ve done everything I’ve supposed to have done this morning except fill up the car with gas.  I need to read a good book soon or I will die.  I picked up dog poo last night.  Little cigars. BIG cigars.  Also, I ate at Café Rio.  It sounds exotic.  Like ladies with feathers on their breasts and buttocks sing while they serve you but this is not the case although the staff behind the counter DID serenade me for a reason I have yet to figure out.  Something about a “sweet lady”  “We have a sweet, sweet lady…” something something.  It was embarrassing and weird.  The food was still good.

Prior to that we drove to B-Lo’s house and creepily did a drive by and then turned around and then parked and looked into his windows, which were all open btw, and we decided we were too creepy to ask him to come out and hug me.  And now that I’m typing that sentence I believe we made the correct decision.

“Creepy stealth mode”

Also, the exact cost of two double doubles and a small fry at mcdonalds drive thru was $3.28. I paid in exact change and got rid of 8 pennies like a flygirl. 

One day I will buy a real coat.  What day will that be?  I hope it will be soon. The weather is changing.


  1. I have a good book for you to read: The Great Frustration by Seth Fried. It is hilarious in that funny-sad way! You can read the first story online at The Missouri Review ( ) and see what I mean! And there are trailers (which I have not seen because my computer hates videos) for the book and some of the stories at Goodreads ( ). I love this book! I have not even finished it yet but every story I read is better than the last one! So read it! And then you will not die! Because that would be sad!


    p.s. Or you can read Miranda July, "No One Belongs Here More Than You" which is also funny-sad but more sad, the first story is also online ( ). But it is a much older book and you may have read it already. She has a fun website which is not the same as a book but it is fun to look at!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions!!!