Saturday, October 22, 2011

The office mice like to fool us, disguising their turds as coffee grounds, putting them on our desks, the sides of lotion bottles, bottoms of our pencil drawers like they are just common detritus. We wipe them away keep wiping them away until the third day when we realize we don’t drink coffee and how do coffee grounds stick to lotion bottles anyway?

All food gets locked up like mental patients.

When we go to catch them we leave chocolate instead of cheese. Again, they like to fool us, preferring chocolate to cheese. Have you heard of such a thing? Black glue traps against sides of walls where we figure they like to run against, in the dark, when we are not there, when we are sleeping. Black glue traps glistening like still lakes. One is floating a blue M&M. I think of a painting I saw once. I think about monoliths. I wonder what would happen if I put my foot in one. I dream about it.

There is a day that dogs come. First a small one then a big one. I have no idea why. I pet the uglier dog. I want the cuter dog to see me. I want it to feel less than. I wonder how they feel about mice. Animal cruelty all around.

Nobody wants to touch the full glue trap when it happens. Everybody dances around. Hands and feet hands and feet. Dancing. You go. No you. A fight to take care of what we all wanted and now don’t. Everyone looks away from the mirror. I look away.

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