Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why does everything have to be recorded nowadays? I mean, you have a few glasses of wine and start slow dancing with a friend and you use your hands in such a way to cause a comedic effect and suddenly you look up from the female neck you are nuzzling and there are a sea of phone cameras pointed at you and man, not cool. I mean, yeah, I’d probably do the same thing, but still. Can I just have a moment of stupidity that can stay in context once in a while?

I’m no lesbian.

I just made two batches of this artichoke dip I make all the time. Every time I have to make this dip I am unsure of the ingredients but yet there are only four ingredients and I have made this dip a billionty times so you think I’d be very sure of the ingredients but I play like I’m not. I sit at the grocery store like, “I’m pretty sure it has mayonnaise. And, I know for SURE it has artichoke hearts because the name of it is ‘artichoke dip’ but, man, do I get the artichoke HEARTS or the artichoke BOTTOMS? Why are there so many choices for artichoke related products? I think there’s parmesan cheese too. Also, chilis. Man, how much mayo do I need to buy? HOW MANY CANS OF ARTICHOKE THINGS?!?! WHY IS MAKING THIS DIP I’VE MADE A MILLION TIMES SO STRESSFUL?!?!”

I always come home with exactly the correct ingredients.

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  1. What I'm tired of is having to pass people on the sidewalk because they're staring at their phone while slowly walking. >=(