Friday, September 23, 2011

I watched Weird Science last night.  I hadn’t seen that movie in YEARS.  In high school I worked in a mom n pop video store.  This was back before they really had widespread chain video rental stores.  My boss would burn me any movies I wanted so I had a little collection.  Weird Science was one in my collection. 
I remember wanting to have a body like Kelly LeBrock.  The outfits in my teenage daydreams where all the boys wanted me were all the ones she sported in the movie.  That scene where she is revealed to Gary and Wyatt, where the camera pans up her body starting with her legs, oh man.  That’s what I wanted my body to be.  Too bad that’s what it never became.
So, I watched it and loved it.  It’s so 80’s.  I love that about it.  Of course, back then, it was just…um…normal, but now, watching it, it’s almost like a time capsule of 80’s hairstyles, fashion and music. 
I forgot Robert Downey Jr. is in the movie…although; he is just referred to as Robert Downey in the credits.  His teeth look a little fucked up.  It’s adorable.
Bill Paxton is in there too.  I think this was his first major role.  His teeth look weird too. They are huge.  I have to see how his teeth look now. If he got them fixed or maybe he might’ve just grown into them.  He plays a stand out role of Wyatt’s big brother, Chet, who is fond of brutalizing Wyatt for pretty much his own amusement and monetary and proprietary benefits.  He also is the epitome of my older brother as a teenager.  This is not just my own opinion.  Others that knew him then have stated this as well.  So, if you want a taste of the sort of brotherly love I had to endure during my childhood, go watch this movie, and remember, I wasn’t a younger brother, I was a younger sister.
Good times.
(he’s better now)
At one point, there’s a scene where Kelly LeBrock (Lisa, the girl the boys created) begins to make out with Wyatt.  (there was also a scene where the boys are showering with her—she’s naked, they’re not)  Watching it now, it made me super uncomfortable.  Wyatt is 15 years old and she is supposedly 23, but in actuality Kelly LeBrock was 25 at the time, but she looks 35.  It was disturbing.  And I guess, back in 1985 this wasn’t such a big deal because I don’t remember any media flack over this scene.  Maybe it was because she was an older woman seducing a young boy and not an older man seducing a young girl?  Maybe we just didn’t have any problems with this type of thing back then?  I have no idea. I just know that watching this last night I was all, “Hey! You’re an old lady and he’s 15!  Gross!”   It just seemed interesting how times have changed.
Whatever. I still liked it.  Can’t go wrong with John Hughes.

So, I’m stuck.  I’m stuck on my novel.  I just finished writing this huge section and now I don’t know where to go next.  I’ve been letting my subconscious spit shit out in a sort of free-form, singular brainstorm and I’ve been writing down all of those ideas and need to sort of organize them and see if they take me anywhere or make any sense.  I don’t know.  I just feel lost and scared about it all.  My gut tells me to just pick a direction and keep writing.  And I probably will.  It’s just this in-between place that’s killing me right now. 
I’ve also been waiting and waiting and waiting infinity to hear back on a bunch of submissions I sent out—what seems like—months and months ago, and some of them were. 
I just want some good news. 
My mom won $2500 bucks on a penny slot in Vegas recently.  I want something like that. 

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