Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An ambulance came for the neighbor today.  Before they arrived it was only street chaos as everyone filtered to their lawns, some of the closer ones walking over to help.  Lots of hands on hips.  Lots of little groups merging into bigger ones.  People not caring about their indoor clothes out there wrong in the front yard.  Everyone wrapped in polite worry.
 It reminded how sometimes it takes bad things happening to bring people together.
I remember meeting all of my neighbors the day of the big 6.9 earthquake in ’89 in SF.  All of us sitting on the steps outside of our flats, candles up and down the edges, drinking beers brought down from numerous fridges that were without power because why let them get warm?  Everyone eager to talk about their story.  Everyone asking questions you could tell they had been holding back on asking for a long time-the time spent seeing the day to day, week to week comings and goings only previously acknowledged with maybe a head nod or a smile wave.  Casual neighbor stuff devoid of substance.  I remember how dark the street was and how you could smell the smoke coming up from the Marina.  Portable radios.  News noise.
It was a great night.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Houses need paper towels. My house does not have paper towels right now. It feels “off.” “out of balance” A broken sidewalk. There is a reliability in having paper towels available. Like having a good mom around. I don’t know. Maybe I am the only one who feels this way. I am going to buy paper towels today and then I will feel better. Probably. At least I wont have to keep being confronted by the empty paper towel holder. It keeps looking at me like, you fail at keeping a reliable household.

A friend of mine is filming a movie. He keeps putting pictures up on facebook of the filming of this movie. I haven’t talked to this friend in maybe three years. Before that, maybe three more. Before that we were good friends. Work friends. I want to ask him why he is making a movie. I want to know when the eff did he become ‘a movie maker.’ When I knew him he didn’t do that. I want to know if this is his new job or if this is just a hobby thing. The pictures make it look like it is a new job thing. A new job thing where he is the boss of filming a movie. It’s all very mysterious. I commented on one of the photos implying ‘wtf with you are making movies’ but he did not respond. It makes me think that we, as human beans, are not relegated to continue being what we have always been. That we can stop mid-stream and change course. We can do things we want to do if we want to do them. Even if we are old. So, that felt good.

A funny thing happened at Chili’s last night but it’s too hard to explain so I won’t. Let’s just say it was like living an SNL skit.