Saturday, July 9, 2011

Now I’m addicted to a stupid little iPhone game called, Tiny Tower. Like most all iPhone games, it’s dumb. You are supposed to build floors on a tower that you own. Each floor gets more expensive to build. You can build residential floors or floors for entertainment or retail. So far I have three residential floors and a sushi restaurant floor and a night club floor because every tower needs those things.

The towers are populated and visited by the residents of the city I am building the tower in and they are called “Bitizens.” This is the cutest name ever for tiny people who live in a tiny city who live in tiny towers. They enter the tower through the lobby and you have to operate the elevator to take them to the floors they are requesting. Sometimes a VIP enters the building and if you deliver him to your sushi bar he will buy lots of sushi and make you richer.

The Bitizens move into your building and pay you rent and you give them jobs there so they are happy. The challenge of the game is to keep your service floors adequately stocked with supplies so you can keep the customers happy and keep making more money to build more floors on your tower.

While I was writing this I made enough money to add another floor. I added a photo studio. Bomb!

I hope I can build umpteen floors. I want to build enough floors to reach heaven. I want to get the Bitizens to touch God. I hope the creators of this game wrote that into the program.

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