Monday, June 13, 2011

I did lots of laundry yesterday. So much laundry it felt like Hoarders. 

Around the house, a gas motor hum that built up fell down built up fell down, making it a Sunday.  Green white noise.  I walked through a sunbeam of cut grass smell.  It felt like my face in a handful of blades; cold and damp.  Nothing can bottle that up.  It is just a mind picture that happens when summer brings it back around making you feel six again, a hose in your hand, topless in your 1970's backyard.

Later on, a little voice ventriloquisted at me and I laughed so so hard.  Then I stopped laughing. then I started again.  My breath coming back to me inside the sheets thinking, "I am so happy with him, right now"  and then, "I am so lucky."

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