Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tonight my plan is to invent some sort of dinner involving cocktail meatballs and teriyaki sauce.

White rice is the poor man’s sidewalk gum.

I've had popcorn for lunch the past three days.

This is what happens when you try to go a week without grocery shopping.

Also, there will be artichokes. I forgot about those. Who the heck figured out an artichoke would be a good food? Without Googling I will say that aren’t artichokes like some sort of flower thing? Like, who looks at an artichoke OR A CLAM and decides, “Food!”? There must have been a lot of adventurous people back in the olden times. I’ve seen some weird nature stuff over the years and have never thought to take anything home and attempt multiple ways to make them into an edibility option.

I think I like to feel safe inside the things that others have tried and succeeded in.  I am not one to blaze trails and that's okay with me.

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