Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last night I made food on a stick and that means I cooked it over an open flame and it was raw on a stick and then I turned and turned and turned it until it got cooked. Some people said, “Watch your tip! Your tip is burning!” Some people said, “Lean it like this! Turn it like this!” Some people said, “It is done! Yours is done now!” Every time some people said those things I would listen because I was a ‘first timer” and “inexperienced.”

The food was gooey when I put it on the stick. I smoothed it down the stick like a wet, gloppy condom. When the food was placed on like this, some people snickered and made, “You sure are good at this!” jokes. I made those jokes too.

The food took a short but sort of medium time to cook. It was hard to tell when the food was ready. It was a hard to balance sort of food where the outside could burn easily and yet leave the inside raw and unready. That is why I listened to what everyone had to tell me. “This ain’t no roasted marshmallow, Tracy!” That’s what some people said to me.

I decided when I thought mine was done and some people agreed. When I tried to take it off the stick it burned my fingers and I yelled made up swears. Cartoon swears. Then I “manned up” and pulled it off like a band-aid. My fingertips were burning with it and I juggled it from hand to hand. Some people said, “I told you so!” I just wanted to eat already.

I took the squeeze bottle from one person who was finished and said, “How do I do this?” Some people said, “Like this” or “Squeeze until it’s filled up.” So, I did. And Then I took the small spoon from the tub and said, “Do I put this now?” and some people said, “Yes.” And I was glad because I knew it was going to be my favorite part.

Everything started melting and I went to take small bite of my creation and some people said, “Not like that! You have to pop it all in your mouth!” and I said, “No.” and I ate it in little bites and it was better that way, I think. Even though I was a beginner, I already knew how I was going to enjoy it.

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