Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feel like I am eating ‘big things.’ Picture a chocolate chip cookie the size of a Frisbee. Picture a lollipop the size of a truck tire. Picture a bowl of cereal the size of a manhole cover. A chicken leg the size of a pizza guy. A saltine cracker you can surf on. A tub of margarine you can sit in. Put these things and more on a table and place me in front of them with a napkin tucked into my collar and a knife and fork duct taped in each of my hands. Tell me to pound the heels of those utensils into the wood of the table while yelling, “Eat! Eat! Eat!” Pretend, even though I have a regular sized mouth and stomach, that I am eating those things. Pretend that it’s something one should be excited about. That’s how I feel.

Actually, that’s probably not really how I feel. It’s a bad analogy. I just like the thought of very large sized food. Maybe what I really want out of life is to be very small.

Either which way, I feel like I am approaching a crossroad (crossroads?) in my life. I feel like I am approaching it VERY slowly. Sort of like, the crossroad is very far ahead, but I can just barely see it, and I am in a car that is having mechanical problems and I am praying the car can continue creeping down the road (which is in the middle of nowhere) long enough to make it to the crossroad(s) because maybe there is a phone there, or a guy is there who HAS a phone or maybe there is a new car there, waiting for me and if only I can make it to the crossroad(s?) Everything will be okay.

Actually, that is a bad analogy too. Man, I’m having a difficult time trying to explain my feelings today, aren’t I?

Nevermind. I’m feeling things that are big and important and I am feeling a shift in the force. It is happening slow like a three legged turtle walking through mud. How’s that?

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