Friday, March 4, 2011

i did the thing where i get ready for bed.  I put on the same pajamas as the night before, all crumpled and shoved into the third drawer down.  There are socks in there too.  The bottom of the socks are always brownish and i'm like, to myself, 'these aren't socks, they are how i clean my hardwood floors' and then i was like, 'it's awesome and gross how i am wearing these clothes for the fourth night in a row or something'.  then i put them on.  i love my own filth.

i bought a man a pack of sour patch kids tonight. I felt 'big pimpin'.  i was like, HERE IS YOUR BOX OF SOUR PATCH KIDS, I HOPE I WILL GET LUCKY LATER BECAUSE OF THIS PURCHASE. 

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