Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello. I am writing to you from the trauma center of my brain that is still freshly scarred by the freakishly long black pubic hair I found in the ladies restroom toilet today at work AFTER I SAW A DUDE WALK OUT OF IT!
First of all, WHY IS THERE A RANDOM DUDE USING THE WOMEN’S RESTROOM?!?!  Even if he was unable to read, there is the universal symbol for VAGINAS ONLY on a big sign on the door.  Second of all, I FOUND IT IMPOSSIBLE TO USE THE BATHROOM AFTER I SAW HIM WALK OUT OF IT AND ALMOST PEED MYSELF BECAUSE OF IT.  I figured that he had to take a dump and I wanted no part of whatever was floating around in there immediately after he used it.  My imagination ran wild. Gross!
So, when I couldn’t take it any longer, I cautiously went inside hoping some women had already used it..and maybe they had…but I HAVE NEVER FOUND A FOUR INCH BLACK PUBE IN THE LADIES ROOM BEFORE TODAY so I am thinking it was the dude’s pube.

“dude’s pube”


Who let’s their pubes grow so long anyway?  Trim it back or SOMETHING!  Won’t it get caught in your zipper or whatnot?  Freakusingtheladiesroomwierdoguy.

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