Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Anybody else besides me fascinated/freaked out with all this ‘thousands of birds falling dead out of the sky’ stuff going on lately? Dead fish, dead birds, dead birds and fish. It reminds me of end times stuff and it reminds me of Stephen King novel stuff and it reminds me of government cover up and X-files stuff. More reported today but in other countries so I’m not sure how well this theory holds up. Either which way, it was nice knowing you and also, red winged black birds are really pretty.

In non-apocalypse related news, I have to go to the dentist today. I am afeared for they will tell me they have to rip one of my wisdom teefs out. I can feel it poking out from my gums. I feel like a first grader.

Well, If they have to rip the tooth out of my head I am going to ask to keep it because a) I need to hold on to as much wisdom as I can and b) the Tooth Fairy is bound to reward me greatly for such a wise tooth!

And, oh, happy new year.

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