Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things made of cheese.  Things that felt important at the time.  Long things and square things.  Orange chaos.  Staining my most useful fingers.  I licked them and it turned me on.  I thought the words, "Lake Havasu" and, somehow, they just felt right. I rattled the bowl and it meant, "Yes."

My mom says 'fuck you' shouldn't be 'anything anymore.'  Like the phrase should no longer be taboo, banned or bleeped.  "It needs to be considered the same as 'treebranch' or 'Rocktober'.  Everyone says it! All the time!  Fuck you!  See?"  I waited for her to point at her mouth.  (She didn't)  And I could see her point but I also didn't like the thought of six year olds telling their play dates, "Fuck you!" when they refused to share their crayons. 

Okay, maybe she didn't say, 'Rocktober' and maybe she didn't even say, 'treebranch' and treebranch is probably two words and you probably think I'm a dipshit and i'm too lazy to go check or correct so I will instead say, "Fuck you."

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