Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I was going to come here and talk about groceries.  I wanted to talk about how the grocery store always offers a ‘buy two’ special and how I always fall for it.  Although I don’t think of it as ‘falling for it’ so much as, ‘telling myself it’s something I always eat/use’ and ‘what a deal!’ and ‘stock up!’ 

Things I bought two of today: salsa, ranch dressing, queso dip, various snack chips, soup and sandwich bags.

I could back up here and also tell you that I made a grocery list before I left to go shopping and then promptly forgot to bring it with me and how this act of stupidity led me to the next thing I will tell you which is how when I got home and started putting the groceries away I wanted to kick myself in the shins and say, “Dumbass!” because now I have a pantry full of three jars of salsa, FIVE bottles of ranch dressing, three jars of queso dip, and three boxes of the wrong kind of Ziploc bags.  (I needed the gallon size, not the sandwich size…DUMBASS!)

I was going to type about all of that but then I got yet another rejection (Three just today.  It hurts. Getting rejections.  I don’t like it.  Please make it stop.  Thanks.) and decided to write about that instead so...

I got rejected.  The end.

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