Sunday, December 12, 2010

I like when you buy a bunch of pizzas and they are all on a table in a little line or grid, or whatever and people all gather round the table grabbing plates and grabbing pizza and everyone is usually happy and talking excitedly.  

I like how pizza brings everyone together like a sports game or a tragedy.

I also like the pizza aftermath. I like lifting the lids of each box to see which pizza went the fastest. My findings are that it’s always the pepperoni or the combination or the cheese. So, this means, all varieties of pizza pretty much disappear at the same rate.

I like consolidating the leftover slices. I like making a new, crazy pizza out of all of the remaining pizza slices. It’s like art.

I like carrying the empty pizza boxes out the front door and around to the side of the house to put them into the recycling bin. It’s usually nighttime, and the outside is very still and cold which is in direct contrast to the inside of the house; full of energy and warmth. I like hearing everyone’s voices from inside the house filtering out into the night’s quiet, slightly muffled by walls and windows. I put the boxes into the bin and let the lid slam and sit there for a minute taking it all in. I pretend I’m a neighbor or a passer by.

It’s what I do sometimes. I pretend.

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