Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello.  I want to drink champagne right now.  Cold, bubbly champagne.  I want to drink it until I feel giddy. Well, giddier than I do right now.  I want to drink it until my blood has the same bubbles and I could cut my skin and bleed into another champagne glass and serve my giddiness to someone else. 
I just did a handstand.  Did you see it?  I did a handstand, and walked on my hands for a bit and then I released into a backflip onto my feet like a freakin’ gymnast!  Then I did a cartwheel and then I did The Running Man and then I high-fived forty seven strangers.
The past two days have been first place.
You are jealous.  I laugh at you.  Because I can.

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