Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My mom has a new refrigerator. It’s the kind that you can’t put any magnets on. For the last 20 years or so she has collected refrigerator magnets. She will buy them from all of the places she visits and put them on her fridge. Every time I visit her, her refrigerator has been completely covered in magnets. This year it is not. It’s weird seeing my mom’s naked fridge.

My mom also finally bought a new washer and dryer. The previous washer and dryer she had had since the 1980’s. The dials were all busted off and the buttons were missing and didn’t push in or were permanently stuck out. The rubber around one of the dials had been eaten away by rats. Rats that my little brother used to keep as pets, or rather, they were food for his boa constrictors and then, eventually became pets because they would breed so much he couldn’t feed them to the snakes fast enough. Much like the snakes, the rats would escape every so often. My childhood home was a house of animal horrors. You would never know when you’d run into a ball python or a huge rat.

These new appliances bring a further erasing of my past. I can see bits and pieces of my original home between, underneath and behind the new my mom has brought to this place I grew up in. I am just a little sad about it, but that’s just the nostalgia talking. Old gets replaced by the new, eventually. I have been replaced already. I’m just not entirely gone yet.

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